Frequently asked questions

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A lot of them are already asked before. Here are the answers:


The synchronisation is limited to 250 files at a time. The reason is to give other clients the possibility to also access the server. The remaining files will be synced during the next run.

Open the command line with administrator rights and enter the following command: “sfc /scannow”

Automatically, whenever there is a new message.

These buttons will filter your messages. Only messages with a severity high enough will be displayed.

The client always connects first to the listen port and is then forwarded to another port, which is free. This will make the listen port free again for the next client.

Never ever change files on the server! This may corrupt the sync and may lead to loss of data!

What shall be synced? There is nothing… 🙂

Hidden files will not be synced.

Max. 200 characters including path and file name.

Yes. You cannot use filenames beginning with the tilde sign “~” (these filenames are internally used for right management) and also the filenames “Folder.ico” and “Desktop.ini” are not allowed.

Sorry, also one limitation: “Rootfolder” is not allowed.


Download the setup archive and run the setup.

Re-run the setup. It will detect your existing installation and propose to update it without changing your settings.

No. But you need full read/write access in the installation folder and the project root folders. Best idea is not to install it in the programs folders of Windows.

XML configuration files will be part of the backup (if included in the license). You can restore them from the ZIP archive.


Re-run the setup, choose your new license type and let the setup update your installation.


For security reasons, no error messages are displayed.

Check, if the spelling of the project, user name and password is correct. Is the project really hosted on the server?

Server configuration

You need to manually delete unused clients from the server XML configuration file. Keep an eye on the numbering of the XML tags!

You can use any text editor, you like, but ensure, the files are UTF8 encoded.

The server is able to handle up to 255 parallel connections at a time. But most Windows licenses have restrictions. If you want to use a high number of parallel connections, you need to use a Windows server.

This port must be accessable from the internet. The clients will always first connect to this port and then forwarded to another port by the Windows API.

The Windows firewall should be configured automatically at the first run of the server application. If you are prompted to allow access for the server application, please grant it. Also the router or external firewalls must be configured to forward the server listen port to your server application.


Go to the Android settins, navigate to battery optimisation and ensure, “just a simple cloud” is set to “not optimised”.

Default values


  • ActivateRemote = false
  • PasswortRemote = empty
  • ActivateUserPrivileges = false
  • LogLevel = Warning
  • LogUserActivity = false
  • Scan intervall projects: 5 min
  • Scan intervall user rights = 1 min
  • Listen port TCPIP = 50000
  • DeleteEmptyFolders = false


  • LogLevel = Warning
  • Scan intervall projects: 5 min
  • Listen port server = 50000
  • Address server = localhost