Only the server will need a license, no need for licenses on the clients.

The server license is “node locked”, meaning it is only valid for the Windows PC or Raspberry Pi for which you have purchased the license. In case, you need to move your license to another PC (e.g. due to new hardware), please contact us.

Licensing of “Just a simple cloud”

We offer credit card and PayPal (only for unlimited licenses) for payment.

You can either purchase a license based on a subscription or as a single payment for unlimited runtime. In case, you decide for a subscription, your license can be extended automatically, if you wish to. You do not need to worry about having a valid license. If you opt against automatic extension, you will be notified by email early enough before your license ends. On manual license extensions, we will credit the remaining value to your purchase subtracting a handling fee. For testing, you have the possibility to get a free license with some restrictions (see below).

Additionally, you have the possibility to choose the additional “backup” feature. This will automatically zip all your data on the server each day at midnight, storing them separately for each weekday. This will provide you a backup for the last 7 days.

The complete license handling is done by the Windows setup application. On the first installation of a server, you will be guided directly to the dialog for choosing your license.

License models

Free Personal Personal+ Professional Enterprise
1 month 0.00 EUR 1.49 EUR 2.99 EUR 14.99 EUR 24.99 EUR
3 month 3.49 EUR 7.49 EUR 37.49 EUR 59.99 EUR
6 month 7.49 EUR 14.99 EUR  74.99 EUR 124.99 EUR
12 month 14.49 EUR 24.99 EUR 149.99 EUR 199.99 EUR
Lifetime 49.99 EUR 399.99 EUR 599.99 EUR

The “relay service” is available in the “Free” and “Personal +” license.
The “backup” feature will be charged with 10% of the license costs.

Download Setup


Free (*) Personal Personal+ Professional Enterprise
files per project 50.000 50.000 50.000 50.000 50.000
projects 3 1 1 9 100
clients per project 5 5 5 9 unlimited
“relay service” yes no yes no no

(*) = The free license is restricted to one month and not able to be extended / updated, once it is issued!