Only the server will need a license, no need for licenses on the clients.

The server license is “node locked”, meaning it is only valid for the Raspberry Pi for which you have purchased the license. In case, you need to move your license to another Raspberry Pi (e.g. due to new hardware), please contact us.

License models

The price of the license depends on the function and duration of use. There are no restrictions on the amount of storage used. For example, you can use external hard drives to increase storage space.

We plant the appropriate number of trees for you depending on the license model you choose. Make your contribution to sustainability together with us!

Free Personal Plus Professional Plus
1 month 0.00 EUR 3.49 EUR 16.99 EUR
3 month 9.69 EUR 43.49 EUR
6 month 17.99 EUR 71.99 EUR
12 month 32.99 EUR 113.99 EUR

The “backup” feature will be charged with 10% of the license costs. It will automatically zip all your data on the server each day at midnight.


Free (*) Personal Plus Professional Plus
projects 2 1 10
files per project 50.000 50.000 50.000
clients per project 5 15 50
fast file transfer (**) yes no yes

(*) = The free license is restricted to one month and not able to be extended / updated, once it is issued!
(**) = the fast file transfer increases transfer speed significantly.