Current version: V6.15

Quick start guide

The quick start quide gives you an overview, how quick your own cloud is up and running


  • Manual: describes how to set up your Raspberry Pi

Downloads for the Raspberry Pi

Downloads for Windows

  • Windows Installer: the easiest way to get started with the software is to use the Windows installer. It will automatically prepare everything for you, but needs local admin rights
  • Portable: if you do not have local admin rights, you may use the portable edition

Downloads for Linux

Helpful links

  • VNC Viewer: set up a VNC connection to your Rapsberry Pi, use the version “EXE x86/x64”
  • balenaEtcher: writing a flash image to the SD card

“VNC Viewer” and “balenaEtcher” are third party products and trademark rights of the respective owners.