Current version: V4.01


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Downloads for the Raspberry Pi

Here you can find all the downloads and links for the Raspberry Pi:


  • Manual (describes how to set up your Raspberry Pi)

All models:

  • Just a simple cloud installation packet (needed for installing Just a simple cloud on your own Raspberry Pi, simply unpack the archive and follow the instructions from the “Read me”. Installation will take only a few minutes) SHA256:3f269133043637e9c8ee0c33fba0da531fc48041cd98ed50c361dd2962fbe446

Fully confugured images (please run the “Update” script in the folder “home/pi/JASC” in any case before using the software):

Images for model “4B”:

Images for model “3B+”:

Images for model “3B”:

Images for model “2B V1.2”:


  • VNC Viewer (to set up a VNC connection to your Rapsberry Pi, use the version “EXE x86/x64”)
  • balenaEtcher (writing a flash image to the SD card)