Your Data!
Your Cloud!
Your Raspberry Pi as a server brings this together!

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Need an inhouse solution for data handling?

No storage space limit!


Looking for a simple and secure cloud solution? You want to store your data on your own server, which keeps all your clients always up to date? You need flexible rights management to set read/write permissions? And it should be affordable?

Own Server

Store the data on your own server (Raspberry Pi model 3 to 5) – no chance for others to have an eye on it.

Any amount of storage space

Use as much storage as your server offers, use external storage to increase the space.

Rights management

Set up user rights management – you can define, who has access to which folder.

Multi projects

Use different projects in parallel for different workgroups.

Encrypted data exchange

Your data will be AES-256 encrypted. Secure transmission through the internet.

Scaleable license model

Choose the license model, which fits best to your needs. Free for personal use up to enterprise for companies.

Server & apps

Set up the server on Raspberry Pi, clients available for Windows, Linux and Android (iPhone under preparation).

No router configuration

Automatic packet routing redundantise “packet forwarding” in your router.


  • Install the server software on your own Raspberry Pi or use a pre-configured one from us

  • Use all the storage space your server offers
  • Download and run the setup

  • Choose a license model, that fits to your needs

  • Install the clients

  • … and all of this just within minutes!

Bug Bounty program

How about a license at no charge?

You have discovered a bug in our software? Send us a detailed description to
If we can identify the bug, we will provide you a 24 month “Professional Plus” for free.


We will be happy to assist you!