Each software is only as good as the tools, which assist you on your daily work. During the setup of the windows applications, the following tools will be automatically installed.


For security reasons, the user passwords are not stored as plain text in the XML configuration files. In the client XML file, the password will be stored AES encrypted, in the server XML file, a hash of the password is saved. If you need to set an initial password or a user has forgotten his password, you can create a new password in encrypted / hashed format to simply copy it into the XML files.

The server remote tool can be used to configure your server on a remote installation. You can update the server configuration by uploading a new version of the “JustASimpleCloudServer.xml” file. The following settings from the “General” part of the configuration can be updated:

  • ActivateUserPrivileges

  • LogLevel

  • LogUserActivity

  • ScanIntervallProjects

  • ScanIntervallUserrights

  • ActivateDNSService

  • ActivateRelayService

The “Project” part of the uploaded XML file will be updated as is. This means, all settings will be overwritten! If the new configuration contains less projects than before, the old projects will no longer be accessable and automatically deleted after 14 days.

If you want to update user rights management, you can upload a XML file containing the changes. You do not need to touch all folders, only the folders listed in the XML file will be handled. An example of an update XML can be downloaded here.

To verify your settings, you can download the log files, which also contain the current settings. Please give the server at least the time to do a periodic scan.

For a test of the network connection, you simply need to push the “Ping” button, the result is displayed at the bottom of the window.

In order to connect to the remote server, you have two possibilities:

  • “direct connection”: enter the server address and the listen port
  • “relay service”: enter the machine identifier as the server address and add any listen port (this will not be used)

Additionally, you need the password for remote access, which can also be changed.